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UGD Drain Flow

Vahini non pressure upvC Pipes for use in Underground Drainage & Sewerage system as per lIS 15328:2003


Vahini Drain pipes are specially designed for underground non-pressure applications like gravity drainage & sewer flow for transportation of soil & waste discharge of domestic origin, surface water (storm water) and industrial effluent pipes can be Joined with the help of solvent cement and elastomeric sealing ring joint type. Available in standard length of 3 & 6 meters & are in any shade of brown color.

  • Available in 3mtrs and 6mtrs length
  • Both Solvent fit and Elastomeric sealed Ring joints available
  • Great Flexibility Installation of this system is convenient and fast
  • Excellent Load Bearing capacity
  • Available in SN2 SN4 and SN8 Stiffness classes
  • Water Ingress Prevention
  • Better Thermal Insulation
  • Perfect Hydraulic properties Smooth inside
  • surface of pipes resulting in higher water flow compared to concrete


UGD Drain Flow