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HDPE Multi way duct

With Silicon Coating


Vahini offers bundle of thick-walled microducts in set of 3 , 4 ,5 and 7way longitudinal ribbed co-extruded lubricant low friction inner surface layer in different sizes .

  • Concentric layers of tough HDPE outer shell with longituidinal ribbed co-extruded silicon lubricant low friction inner surface layer which makes versatile and unique solution for High Speed Air Blowing of Optical Fibre Cable
  • Meter markings with custom print streams available Aailability of ducts in different customized colours (Outer Sheath and Inner ducts)
  • Installation Application underground plowed open trench directional drilling
  • Multiway ducts are used for drawing telecom cables cable television optical cables energy cables and other cable applications


HDPE Multi way duct