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HDPE 3 layer PLB Power duct

With Silicon Coating


Vahini offers flexible HDPE outer shell with Ribbed inner wall pre-silicon lubricated ducts ranging from 160,180 and 200mm.

  • 3 layered PLB power duct consist of outer layer PE in red colour for identification Middle layer with translucent PE and inner layer is co-extruded with ribbed silicon lubricated layer which reduces the friction to blow power cables
  • A low coefficient of friction to allow for long cable pulls
  • Tough durable and a life expectancy well over that of the power cable
  • Replace or repair cable lines without digging or trenching
  • Specification: Conforming to NEMA TC-7/ASTM/ IS-4984
  • Size range 160mm 180mm 200mm


HDPE 3 layer PLB Power duct